the first book that shows you how to
build, test + measure pr & marketing strategies

combining theory with a practical hands-on workbook

a new logical + transparent methodology

clear definitions and easy to understand explanations

applying Lean Startup principles
to established communications principles

step-by-step guides for using
Lean Communications Canvasses™

the new manual for entrepreneurs on how to
use public relations + marketing to grow their businesses

Mechanical information

Everyday tool

A daily business resource

Theoretical & Practical

New methodology + step-by-step guide

Designed For Entrepreneurs

Easy to read. Easy to access

Fresh thinking

A new approach to PR and marketing

Shelf Appeal

24 x 19 x 2 cm. Landscape. Trade Paperback

Build, Test & Measure

'How To' Guide To Strategy Development

Online Curriculum

ExponentialU online learning resource.


Downloadable via the iTunes and Android Play stores

Additional Resources

Downloadable canvases and templates

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