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PR Problems? What they are, and what they aren’t!

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I read articles that talk about a company having a PR problems multiple times every day.  Most of the problems that are described aren’t. They’re operational problems; reputation problems; ethics problems.  They might be a problem that the communications department within the organization but they’re not public relations problems. That’s not to say that thereContinue Reading

Marketing is not magic

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One of the most common questions I read on Quora and Facebook or LinkedIn groups is ‘what’s the best marketing strategy for X?’.  The question is asked as if there a secret formula or that you can wave a magic wand and find marketing success. Spoiler alert: there is no secret formula or magic wand. Continue Reading

The Future of Work. ReWorked.

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Work is no longer confined to the work place.  New devices, new categories of device and ubiquitous WiFi have made it possible to work almost anywhere.  One thing that hasn’t changed much is the workplace.   I attended an event co-hosted by Microsoft and Steelcase at the Steelcase WorkLife Center Showroom to see the companies’ visionContinue Reading