Growing A Startup Is Like A Game Of Football

A Game of Inches

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This afternoon I watched a pick-up game of football.  Almost every play was an attempt at a long pass.  Most were incomplete. It’s a problem I see regularly with startup and small business marketing strategies.  Rather than moving the ball down the field with a combination of short runs and passes, the go-to play isContinue Reading

The Traditional public relations business model doesn’t work

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The PR industry is hiding a dirty little secret that it doesn’t want you to find out about.  Don’t tell anybody I told you… but the traditional PR ‘sausage factory’ of client win… press release… e-mail/wire distribution… media outreach… interview… coverage… product release… press release… email/wire distribution… media outreach… interview… coverage… [repeat to fade] doesn’t work anyContinue Reading

What Is Positioning?

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Positioning is a challenge for every small business. It is especially difficult when both the competition and prospective customer are large organizations. Effective positioning in these situations is about focusing on the value you can offer that a larger organization cannot.  Small businesses also have the advantage of being flexible, in terms of approach, modelContinue Reading