Product Marketing Fit – the perfect product is not enough


A core principal in Lean Startup methodology is finding product market fit — but there are many examples of companies that found fit but still failed to achieve commercial success. A good product that delivers a tangible value for an identified market is only part of the equation. Being able to communicate a clear value proposition (product, price and delivery mechanism) as a compelling call-to-action is as important as the proposition itself.

It’s something we’ve called Product Marketing Fit™.

Understanding how to express a marketing value proposition as a compelling call-to-action (CTA), deciding which delivery channel is more effective for achieving the desired action, and ensuring that the CTA is understood by the receiver are all critical to the development of an effective marketing strategy.

The tools for building, testing and measuring product market fit are well known, but there was historically no way of using that same approach for the marketing communications portion.

The Lean Communications Methodology™ provides both the tools and a lean process for validating marketing communications strategies.

The biggest challenge facing communications strategists is integrating core disciplines to strategic business goals.

The Lean Communications Methodology has been built to enable communications practitioners to use the best business tools as part of their strategy development, testing and implementation activities.

Integrating business and product strategy methods into the communications planning process, it is possible to measure both progress, and the business impact of public relations and marketing strategies.