Growing A Startup Is Like A Game Of Football

A Game of Inches

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This afternoon I watched a pick-up game of football.  Almost every play was an attempt at a long pass.  Most were incomplete. It’s a problem I see regularly with startup and small business marketing strategies.  Rather than moving the ball down the field with a combination of short runs and passes, the go-to play isContinue Reading

Most PR + Marketing is Publicity

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Last year I wrote a blog post about how I felt that most PR was either marketing or publicity.  In this edition of the THINK PR Espresso I revisit the topic and see whether anything has changed. Watch another THINK PR Espresso for help with PR, marketing and publicity strategy.       AUTHOR DETAILS Lyndon JohnsonContinue Reading

Why Bad Content Makes PR More Important

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There’s been an article doing the rounds suggesting that content marketing could kill PR When you read the piece, the point being made by +Christopher Penn is that bad content could damage the effectiveness of media relationships because journalists won’t like being pitched bad content. I’m not justifying it but, trust me, journalists are usedContinue Reading